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We have available

– 1 Mistral 180ev+ automatic sandblaster and

– 1 Mistral 120ev+ automatic sandblaster

ready for delivery at a special price!

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The sandblasters of the Mistral ev+ series are top of the range glass processing machinery from Fratelli Pezza.

They are robust and compact machines, equipped with a touchscreen interface and a software that allows you to manage an unlimited number of machining programs.

They also offer a wide range of sandblasting options, from normal to nuanced, from engraved to decorative, and can work both automatically and manually.

With the Mistral ev+ sandblasters you can carry out high-quality work, with low consumption of electricity and compressed air.

They are the ideal choice for those who want to give new life to glass with surface defects, or for those who want to create original and personalized effects.